What You Must Notice In A Portfolio Before Hiring A WordPress Developer

By July 24, 2019 Web Development

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If you are looking for a best WordPress developer, choosing one can be painstakingly tough. Why? There are hundreds of design agencies and all of them claim to be the ‘best’. So how do you start shortlisting designers before getting into the initial round of communication with them?

In majority cases, clients turn towards a designer’s portfolio to separate the good from the ordinary. Since top designers and agencies always manage a portfolio highlighting their best work it makes a lot of sense to do so. But what exactly should you look for in a designer’s portfolio or in other words how do you distinguish a self-styled WordPress expert from a person who has helped clients in the past scale up their business? Here we take a look at some of the things you must notice in a designer’s portfolio.

Design & Style

Have the designs and styles you have come across in their portfolio impressed you? Are they out of the ordinary and something that you would love to have on your own website? Websites are as much an art of work as they are a medium of communication. Irrespective of how experienced the designers claim themselves to be or the reputation they enjoy in the market, you should only be convinced about their skills when their portfolio creates a strong impression in your mind. Remember if you make any compromises in this process you may end up regretting this decision for a long time.

Project Brief

While it is good to see a beautiful thumbnail, don’t you wish there was more information for you to make a judgment. In most cases, you would only find an image of the website on the portfolio but a good WordPress designer will also provide brief information on the project executed. This allows you to gather an idea of what the project involved and how the developer was able to meet the needs of the client. As we have already mentioned this isn’t something that you would come across too often and it can definitely be treated as a sign of professionalism.


When you see that the designer has dozens of websites listed in the portfolio, you are naturally impressed. But should you count on the number of websites they have designed so far? Actually, you shouldn’t till you go into details and take note of their specialization. WordPress allows designers to work on all kinds of web project ranging from personal blogs to e-commerce websites. Now if you are looking to get an e-commerce site developed you must make sure the designer has showcased the relevant experience of creating an online store in his/her portfolio. A blog specialist isn’t likely to take you to the top of the charts.

Link to the Website

Have you come across a portfolio that only has thumbnails of websites without a link to the live website? Well, you should treat all kinds of the portfolio with a pinch of salt. There are two reasons for doing so – first, you don’t know whether the WordPress designer actually designed the website or is merely claiming credit for someone else’s work. Secondly, since you don’t get to check out the inner pages and functionality of the website arriving at a decision based on a thumbnail would be an act of foolishness.

Change In Portfolio

Now, this is something that you won’t perhaps be able to judge if you only recently started visiting a designer’s website. But if you have been researching about a WordPress designer for some time now take a look at the portfolio and see if there are any fresh updates in the recent weeks. This is a sign of professionalism and also vibrancy in the company. A reputable design studio would constantly keep updating their portfolio page to give a glimpse of their latest projects.

When you take note of these factors in a WordPress designer’s portfolio you are likely to shortlist studios that are way above the average. However, treat this just as the starting point for hiring a top designer for your project. You must spend due time explaining your needs, discussing the project with them in detail and also talking to the designer in person to make sure that you work with the right set of people for your project.

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