Top 7 Web Design Trends For Start Up

By April 2, 2019 Business

web design trends

Web designing is one of the services that is most sought after today given that every business must have an online presence! With the growth in technology, the advancement in the field of web designing has also been great and every year, there are many trends that emerge and become popular. In today world of digitalization it’s very important for any content on the web page to look attractive, appealing and informative all at the same time.

With change in technology comes a change in the web design trends as well. Read on to get a look at some of the most popular web design trends of 2017.

#1 Semi Flat Design

Moving ahead of the flat design comes the semi flat. It not only keeps the feeling of the flat design intact but also gives it a little elevated level using shadows. By doing this the design on a flat surface can get a little complexity which gives it a different and innovative look.

Semi Flat Design

Semi Flat Design 2

#2 Cinema graphs

To make the photographs more inquisitive and interesting they are loaded with some video graphic movements. So, these are basically images with a few parts of it being mobile. Using this makes the website more interesting, interactive and easy to understand. The cinema graphs are usually not very long and have the motion of only a few seconds and this is what makes it different from the videos.

Cinema graphs Design



#3 More 3D

The 3-Dimensional graphics have always been one of the most important wed designing assets. No stone is left unturned to make this effect grow even more interesting and engrossing. With more 3D effects, the web pages look even better and give great insight about the image as well.

3D effects in web design

3D effects

#4 Animations

Animations are basically objects in motion; these animations give a great look to the web page. Animations have been into the web designing for a very great time and have been able to catch attention of the crowd with great ease.

animation design trend

animation in web design

#5 Courageous Colors

The trend nowadays is all about the hot and bold color. Neon is the new color and they have got space into the web design trends as well. Such flashy and new colors give a very refreshing look to the website and have gained a lot of popularity amongst the youth.

Courageous Colors

colors in web design 


#6 Parallax Design

This is one overwhelming type of custom web design trend. Here basically the background moves at a slower pace as compared to the foreground, this creates a very interesting effect coined as the parallax design. This gives a great illusion effect and has found its space in the top 2017 web design trends.

#7 Color Transitions

Gone are the days when the web pages had boring single colors. Now a day a single page has more than 10 shades of the same color going from dark to light or light to dark. This effect gives the website a very interesting and new look and shows the creativity of the designer too.

Color Transitions

Color Transitions 2

So, go ahead and revamp your website with these latest web design trends!

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