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10 Ways to Create Custom Web Design for Small Business

A website nowadays is considered as one of the most important faces of any business or institution.  If you need traffic, if you need people to know what you are, who you are and what you do, there is your website which does this all. People might spend time or resources doing passive publicity, creating social media pages and or running campaigns. But until the time you have an actual dedicated website, all these methods seem to be much of a futile exercise.

While most of the small-scale businesses do wish to save in on their initial costs and hence buy or purchase an already made template, they don’t realize that this is the face of their company and this is how people will remember them by. So, instead of saving in costs on something as critical and important as your website. One should try to get a custom website which in true ways can support their idea as well as mission.

So, if you are convinced with our idea and do wish to go with custom web design here are a few tips which will help you get the most of your small business website.

Make Sure Whatever You Put Up Is Relevant

While you are going for custom web design, do make sure that any content you put up on the website is clear as well as relevant. Your website should effectively communicate the idea with which you have started this business. Your small business website should also be regularly updated with content and any changes made should reflect the users.

Give a Clear Idea of Your Product and Services

While going for custom web design make sure that the product and services you offer can easily be checked and viewed by the users. Have a tab on the homepage itself which will help the user navigate and learn more about the business you are in and the services you offer.

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Include in Images, however not too much

There is no doubt that people prefer a visual content more than written ones. It helps get a clear picture of what a person is trying to say or convey. Therefore include in images within your website and try to fill in void spaces in your web page in a creative manner. However, while doing so make sure that you don’t add in too many images which will make your website appear all cumbersome as well as confusing.

Pay Special Attention Toward Navigation

While you are going to design a small business website make sure to inculcate three click rule in the same. This means that a user should be able to find out the required information in three clicks or less. What we mean here is that ensure that your page has a hierarchy. And, hence any user can swiftly move across the same. Do not include in too much information in under a single tab or menu and spread it out evenly as your custom design your website.

Go for Grid-Based Design

The random placing of objects, images and content can make the whole page appear hazy as well as difficult to understand. Instead try to stick to the grid-based pattern which divides any of your small business website’s page into subsections, columns, and boxes. This gives it a neat and easy to understand outlook.

Learn and Implement the F Pattern Rule

The F pattern depicts the way the human eye perceives and deciphers a web page. So while you are going for a custom web design make sure that the important pieces of information are focused on the left side and not so necessary or secondary details are presented to the right. This makes it easy for the user to catch hold of important information. User would find it comfortable to go to a website in accordance with his natural seeing pattern.

Don’t Forget About the Load Time

While getting your website makes sure that the designs aren’t too heavy to increase the load time of your website. This will ensure that users wouldn’t have to wait long to see your website. Make sure that you include in compressed CSS files as they decrease the load time.

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Be Ready to Spend

While you design your small business, the website make sure that you are efficiently putting in your resources in design as well as development. While you will be able to get a custom web design for your website through any freelancer or maybe yourself. It is highly unlikely that the one who web designs will have a great knowledge about development as well. So, while hiring a web designer do also make sure to hire someone with an equal level of web development skills. It will help you take them to the client in an effective manner.

Don’t Leave Out Optimisation

Every webpage you design is ranked by Google and is indexed according to this rank. This means your small business website will reach to a far greater number of audiences if it has been optimized according to Google standards. Read about the SEO Factors as offered by Google and try to inculcate them in your website.

Mobile Optimization is now the key

The number of people browsing a website through mobile phones is far greater than the through their desktop. So as you design your website make sure that you inculcate features which allow it to be mobile friendly. And Google does give brownie points to websites which are mobile friendly while deciding their ranks and indexing the same.

So, these were the top 10 ways to which you can effectively have a website for the small business.

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