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Learn How Your Dental Website & Google My Business Work Together

Learn How Your Dental Website & Google My Business Work Together

A lot goes into your practice’s digital footprint. Nevertheless, there are 2 main components that you absolutely can’t ignore i.e. your website and your Google My Business listing. We are here to discuss and make you learn about how your dental practice’s website and Google My Business listing can work together to bring in more patients than ever.

It is true that in today’s scenario everyone knows that to survive in the competitive market one should have a website but it is also not wrong to say that not everyone understands that apart from having a good website, Google My Business (GMB) listing is also important. Or you can say that they work side by side to build up your business and help to bring in more patients in need.

So now to begin with we will start by addressing all the ways your dental website and Google listing work collectively to expand your local SEO and bring you more leads.

1)  Trends With The Dental Clients

A trend has been seen with your dental clients that fewer of them are visiting your website but calls are up!
Instead of searching for your website to get your dental office’s contact number, they just calling from Google My Business.

So do you get the point that without a well-optimized listing, one could miss out on their calls! Also, more people are going to get to your website by clicking on your practice’s link in the Google listing.

And that’s just one way your website and GMB listing work together to bring you new leads. Keep reading to find out other ways in which they complement each other.

2) Your Website Tells Google What You Offer

It’s important to have a website with your services and treatments listed so that Google can pull that data to display on your listing and in search results. It will help to highlight your practice to more people searching for what you offer.

3) Google Listing Contains a Link To Your Website

The most essential features of Google My Business is a link to your website.

Adding this link is part of optimizing your Google listing and is great for leading people to your dental website. It’s especially helpful if you don’t show up organically but are in the Google 3 Pack because, with this link, people can still get to your site easily.

4) Google My Business Also Provide You With Another Website

Google gives you a free website with your Google My Business listing. You can access, edit and customize your site which has information from your Google My Business listing. It contains all the basics about your business, services, plus your photos, reviews and Google My Business posts that have been added to Google My Business.

Well, now the question arises- how does it help your main website? So the answer is- It is a source of quality backlinks, which help you grow your SEO.

In simple math: Google My Business + Your Website = More Patients

5) Help Your Patients In Booking Appointments

Google My Business listing makes it easy for your clients to book an appointment by taking them straight to your appointment booking page and saving their time. Less hassle-free booking is also an advantage.

6) Google Reviews Pull People to Your Website

Reviews are a huge trust signal and are part of social proof. In other words, when people come across to see that other people are liking your practice, they’re more prone to visit your website and book an appointment.


A Google My Business listing is the most effortless approach to gather reviews and is probably where people will look for them most often.
And if you are struggling to get reviews for your business, try Google Review Link Tool. This generates a short and sweet link which you can share on social media or printed marketing materials to make it easy for people to review your practice!

At last, we would like to say that everything takes its time so one has to just be patient and not lose focus from their practice and rest assured, we are here to guide and help you optimize your Google My Business listing and your website marketing activities. Let our digital marketing experts help you maintain your website and GMB listing. To learn more do reach out to us.

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