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Facebook Ads For Your Dental Practice: 6 Steps To Generate Leads


Facebook ads for your dental practice

Expanding your dental practice can be painstakingly challenging with the constant advances in the healthcare and insurance industries. You need a steady flow of new leads coming into your Dental Clinic every week.

If just in case that you have not begun using Facebook ads for dentist advertising because you are either not certain that you can generate leads or are afraid that it will affect you financially, then you have come to the right place!


Clearly, you should be spending on Facebook ads because that is where your clients are spending the majority of their leisure time. A successful business is one that can resolve a problem for a specific group of people and for that you have to know the whereabouts to find them.

Yes, we know that it seems that Facebook ads are really expensive, and many people are reluctant to use them as a primary lead generation source but, in reality, if you are using FB marketing correctly by targeting your audience appropriately, then your ROI is going to be HUGE when you consider the lifetime value of your client. Therefore, the secret to immediately generating steady dental leads with Facebook ads is as easy as putting a great offer in front of an efficient funnel, using some unique targeting options. So let’s take a walk through what you require to get started.


1: Get to Know Your Ideal Clients


Facebook is a crowded space and you have only a split second to get someone’s attention. You need to surely create a message that will stop your target audience from scrolling past.

You can do this only if you know your audience accurately. Find out what matters to them, what problems you can help them solve, how they feel about it, how they feel after solving it, what questions they have, and the language they use to talk about it.

Collect this data from conversations with customers and from monitoring to conversations in relevant Facebook or LinkedIn groups, online forums or Twitter. This information will help you create more compelling ads and landing pages.

2: Create a Offers Your Customers Will Love

Giving away affordable offers or packages to your target audience will help you create best dentist facebook pages and attract your likely customers in a non-sales way. These offers are often known as a lead magnet. You want people to grab your offer that way they’ll quickly see you as an expert who offers value and start to trust you. 


3: Set Up a Squeeze Page and Thank-you Page on Your Site

You need to get your offers out in the crowd. To do this, you’ll need to host your offer on a web page that allows your clientele to opt-in and give you information for availing their packages or offers.

The best sort of web page for this is called a squeeze page because it squeezes the guest to make a decision either to opt-in or leave. It has none of

the usual navigation associated with a page on your website.
A simple page often renders the best results. You want to communicate the benefits of your offers to your future clients. 
Remember to include a privacy statement disclosing that you’ll keep their data safe and not spam them. Also, provide a link to your terms and conditions. Don’t add pop-ups or any tricks designed to stop visitors from leaving the page; your Facebook ads won’t run if you do this.

4: Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Squeeze and Thank-you Pages


The Facebook pixel is a piece of code called a “cookie” that Facebook provides. Once it is in place on your website, you can follow actions that take place on your web pages and link them back to your Facebook ad accounts.

5: Choose Your Ad Targeting Options


Before you start creating your dental advertising campaigns, you need to comprehend who you want to target it for. When determining the audience, the goal should be to define your potential dental patients as precisely as possible from the rest of the Facebook user base.

6: Create Ads That Attract Your Audience


Now you’re ready to create your Facebook ads and draw clients to your squeeze page and into your email database. This is where you get to jump out of the page and talk to a whole new audience.



Review Your Returns to Find the Best-performing Combination

After operating your ads for 2-3 days, you will have enough data to scrutinise your results. 

We hope this will help you build your dental practice using Facebook marketing. And if you want more information, please don’t hesitate to check out our site. We look forward to hearing from you!


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