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E-commerce Owners Must Overcome These 9 Challenges To Sell Services Online

9 e-commerce challenges to overcome


When it comes to selling services online many people think as to what they should do differently than those people marketing a physical product. This is a commonly asked question and it is good to ask yourself before stepping onto the first stone. While almost all the traffic generation and selling techniques work equally fine for both product and service-based business models, there are some unusual challenges related to selling services online.

Some challenges need a special discussion. Thus, in this article, we are going to learn how you should sell your services online without looking like a rookie. 

Challenge #1: To Sell Yourself 

To get your client’s attention you have to come under the limelight as services you are selling is the part of yourself and to advertise it you need to act like a product yourself. Whether you’re a lawyer, auto-mechanic, childcare provider, real estate agent, dog walker, doctor, fitness trainer, caterer, housekeeper, hair stylist, accountant, investment advisor, whosoever, you have to prove that you are selling your time with the promise of a distinct result as opposed to a tangible product. 

For this spotlight, you at least need a website so that people can come to know of your existence. 

Challenge #2: Meet Your Client’s Unique Needs

You must prove your talent to deliver measurable results while maintaining flexibility. Generally, people want to see some proof that you’ve delivered great results for your other customers, for that you can ask your loyal previous customers to write down their experiences as testimonials which have to be maintained and looked by you or you can hire an agency to do so but not only this will help you get the business of new customers, they’ll also want to know that you’re flexible enough to meet their own unique needs.  

Challenge #3: You Have Limited Time

As there is only limited time for you to provide your services to the customers, you can’t afford to spend it by answering related queries or clearing doubts of some of your potential service seeing customers but at the same time, they are also important for your business. So what should be done now? For helping you with this you can seek out for help by outsourcing your daily inquiry related problems.

Challenge #4: Being Precise About What You Are Selling

Customers don’t like ambiguity. They want to clear-cut know about everything that you can and can not provide to them. Therefore, for this, you have to have a website to showcase your expertise in your field which will help you to stand out from your competitors and to help you do that, look at other similar service providers and ask yourself these questions:

  • More or less do you offer the same services as your rival?
  • What is your specialization?
  • Does this specialization make you special to stand out? If no, then what can you do to make this happen? 
  • How will the delivery of services be made?
  • Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

With the assumption that clients will get attracted by just looking at what you have done for other customers is not how it works. You have to enable your potential customers to reach out to your site and get a clear picture of what you are offering.

Clearly explaining what service you have to offer is the most critical aspect of your website. Therefore it should be perfectly made and kept up to date.   

Challenge #5: Ease and Accessibility In Contacting You

Today the world is not waiting for anyone. If you can not provide your customers with your esteemed services then someone else will. When selling online your main aim should be to compel your buyers to contact you if they what any related services which you provide, but if you are hard to find, then you are going to lose them to your competitions. You can provide all forms of information like your email, fax number, phone number or even your physical mailing office address and do make sure that these details are easily reachable on your website. Another way by which your clients can contact you can be with the help of social media. 

Although it might look easy it’s not that simple. Well, not to worry as we are here to help you out in managing your site.

Challenge #6: Getting Listed In Local Search Indexes

Only getting a website will not support your service business the way it should. For more, you have to get yourself listed in the local directories such as Google or Yelp. It is estimated that 40% of search queries are regarding local services and businesses.

So get your business registered now.

Challenge #7: Professional Services Websites 

You have adhered to all the points made above and now you wondering why can’t you get more customers getting attracted. The answer to your question is that only having a website that looks like an amateur business site is not going to do any good to you and your business. You need to have a web development agency by your side who provides professional-looking website. 

Challenge #8: Targeting Local Audience 

Now, this can simply be done by making use of social media marketing techniques. You can post your business’ ads on Facebook, Instagram or provide videos on YouTube. 

Facebook has millions of users and you can differentiate between them by using demographic segmentation. 

And last but not least.

Challenge #9: Keeping Your Loyal Customers Stay Loyal

Repeat and loyal customers are the ones who keep your business going and growing. Get as many referrals as you can. Follow up your existing clients and ask for their reviews and regarding how you can make your services better. Earlier this task was full of but now this can be easily done by e-mail or even mobile marketing. Former clients are sent follow ups on their mails and cell phones which they can access with just one touch.

A final piece of advice after overpowering all these challenges is to remain patient. Everything happens in its own pace. It takes time and effort to build an audience for your business. Just don’t give up. You will be rewarded for what you put in.  

Contact us and see how simple it is to make an online presence and sell your services. 

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