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The Ultimate Dental Marketing Checklist For Dental Startup

The Ultimate Dental Marketing Checklist for Dental Startup

When you’re starting a dental practice from scratch, it’s nearly impossible to assume the complete list of responsibilities and the dental marketing strategies that will be constantly in need of your attention during the process. Everyone will want your money and time, therefore, you should mark up your objectives and by keeping this in mind you should be able to maintain your dental marketing checklist.

For many dental professionals, marketing tends to be low on the priority list but what they don’t know is that postponing marketing until 60 to 90 days before opening serves to reduce the impact of your launch and delay your future success. To maximize your success, early marketing is a must.

Timing is everything
The most thriving practitioners know that startup marketing is all about timing. You must have your business logo, website, and social media up and running before you launch any lead-generating strategies. Here we have executed a timeline that will help you perfectly stage your marketing tasks:


9-12 months from launch



Develop your start-up dental marketing plan by including strategies for all stages of the dental marketing funnel, including lead generation, brand awareness, retention, lead conversion and advocacy.


Choosing a location with high drive-by traffic and moderate competition is good for your start-up. If you lease an office in a professional building, prepare to budget more for marketing because you will naturally become invisible to the community without it.
Research local regulations on height, size, placement for signage to guarantee maximum visibility. Communicate these to your builder or architect and discuss placement.


Now it’s time to finalize your dental clinic’s name and tagline and do make sure that the name you are opting for is available.
You should also register a domain name for your future dental websites.


6-9 months from launch


Your business needs a unique logo which will make it stand out in the crowd so that even if your potential patients can’t remember your name they will surely remember your logo.


Choose a website partner to build your new dental websites. Your site builder should write custom content, optimize your website for local searches and build on a platform that enables you to edit it as you grow.


3-6 months from launch


Social media

Build and brand your various social media channels on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and invite friends to follow your pages to grow your audience so that you can reach the masses.
Start sharing your new dental practice journey to create excitement. Start recording Facebook live videos as you walk through the framed building or test a newly installed piece of equipment. Post photos of your office construction process, ask fans to vote on small design decisions and introduce new team members as you hire them.


1-3 months from launch


Google Maps

Create your dental business’ listing on Google Maps. The most essential feature of Google My Business is a link to your website. It will also help to highlight your practice to more people searching for what you offer.
To know more about how this will help your practice, do visit our blog solely focusing on the topic. (Learn How Your Dental Website & Google My Business Work Together)

Lead generation

Start developing any marketing that will help you welcome new appointments the day you open. Although lead strategies will depend on your market but consider SEO, Google Ads, Facebook ads, retargeting, direct mail and any other new-patient awareness strategy.
Investment in call-conversion training for your front desk cannot be underestimated. The front desk team essentially acts as inside sales professionals who can make or break your office.
On the other hand, invest in call-tracking technology to measure the leads generated by every marketing source.

Website and SEO

Introduce your website at least 3 months ahead to get some traction on your SEO efforts. Use a chat app and a scheduling app such as to make your dental website millennial-friendly.
Additionally, indulge your dental website with blogs, push your content to different social media networks, and then optimize every directory you can find.


Design and print your stationery and actively hand out your business cards in your community. If you have a welcome offer, highlight it on the card.
Similarly, create a patient referral or care-to-share card so new patients can refer to your practice as soon as you open.
Add a creative “Opening Soon” banner to your location to build anticipation.




Social media

Now the time has come to make an appearance in the real world with your expert dental practice clinic. You can announce your opening with Facebook Live and give your audience a tour of your finished office. You can also have each team member follow up with individual Facebook Lives to introduce themselves and their roles in the office.
Invite your very first patient to record a video about his or her exceptional experience and boost it along with your new-patient offer.


It’s review time now… Start asking your patients to write reviews on Facebook, Google or any other platform on which you are available from day one. Make it a habit and script it as part of your patient handoff.


3-6 months after launch


Test and measure

Review your call tracking, website analytics, Facebook metrics and Google Ads reporting to determine where your audience is engaged and where you are losing them. DO NOT shift strategies until you’ve given users at least six months of consistent promotion and use.
Reinvest in strategies that illustrate traction. Work with your practice management agency or dental marketing agency to troubleshoot any strategies that are not performing as expected.


Summing It Up

In our on-demand society, patients expect someone to answer the phone when they call. Statistically, over 70% of callers who are sent to voicemail simply hang up before they leave a message, and most simply call the next dentist on their list. Don’t invest thousands in dental marketing, only to lose it by having no one available to answer calls. So to make this happen you can outsource and let your outsourcing partners handle your next appointments.
Thus, we hope that all this will help you create an efficient dental marketing checklist and will boost your start-up dental practice. And if you want more information, please don’t hesitate to check out our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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