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How To Choose The Right Social Media Channels For Your Business?

How To Choose The Right Social Media channels For Your Business?

To this day, there are not many businesses who haven’t recognized and, at the very least, started to exploit the dynamic abilities of social media channels or platforms. By spending as meagre as 6 hours weekly, over 66% of businesses improved lead formation benefits with social media. A well-executed social media channel strategy can improve your enterprise’s search rankings, bringing more site traffic and increasing conversion rates.

Which social media methodology you should pick to make this happen? With an excess of alternatives available, it can appear to be overpowering to decide if your business needs to create an online presence utilizing Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest. So here we are to guide you with a step-by-step process for-

how to decide which social media channels to use and settle for the best choice based on the most significant factors?

But before proceeding further the key question that you should ask yourself is that – what are your social media objectives? If you can not clear as to how or why a specific channel will assist you in achieving your objectives, consequently you shouldn’t adopt it because ultimately the main aim is to select the one which will fully support the attainment of your strategic goals. Further, in a nutshell, we have listed various ways on how to choose the best social media channels for your business.

1) Increase Your Brand Awareness
To remain in the limelight and increase your brand awareness you must start by picking well-established media platforms with big following. Likewise, whatever your budget is another best strategy for bringing in the traffic and expanding reach is through paid promotion. The best option available in the market at this time is Facebook with a large following as an advertising platform.

2) Improvisation Of Lead Generation
From a B2B viewpoint, LinkedIn is famous for being a winner in social media lead, whether it’s through searching with advanced filters, joining groups or participating in discussions. Facebook and Twitter are also highly effective and often experience a lower cost per click (CPC) than an AdWords campaign!

3) Find The Channels Which Your Target Audience Is Using
After you’ve straightened your goals with your social channel choice, you need to consider where your audience is socialising online. For example, maintaining a Snapchat account for your business could be considered a wasted effort if your largest customer segment is composed of elderly customers.
The strongest and most useful social media strategies are acquainted by social media demographics. These data-driven insights will ensure that your strategy, and the channels you prefer, facilitate the most consistent, targeted approach possible, which in turn will boost your chances of conversion.
To put it plainly, when picking your web channels, steadily back up your choices with statistic information, instead of being driven by prevailing patterns.

4) Seek The Channels Your Opponents Are Engaged in
Considering the channels your target audience has adopted, taking into account what social media your competitors are managing is equally important. This will provide a baseline against which you can estimate industry activity, and determine what you should be doing.
Type of content they post or how many likes/shares do their posts receive? How frequently do they post it? How active they are on social media, as well as how well their followers engage with what they post, will give you relevant insights which you can replicate to ensure success for your strategy.

5) Create A Content Which Your Customers Like
This is an especially relevant question as there is a variety of different content formats – some of which will complement your brand name and business intentions, and some which won’t. In turn, some content formats will be more likely to be suited to particular social channels than others.

6) Sharing Video Content
If your video content is short-form and targeted at a younger audience, you may want to consider Snapchat, Instagram, Vine or Periscope. If it’s longer and more universal in its appeal, Facebook and Twitter can also produce high levels of engagement. Not to mention YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine with almost over 3 billion searches a month.

7) Editorial Content For Trust-Building
For companies who want to authenticate themselves as a trusted industry thought leader, publishing an editorial on LinkedIn’s can present their brand to over 300 million users.

8) Interesting Infographic Content
If you’re a B2C brand with an engaging product to sell, you might want to consider Pinterest as according to an analysis a write-up with suitable images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Further, research by Shopify states that nearly 93% of users utilise this social media platform to plan purchases. Tumblr is a channel that tilts heavily towards imagery that’s suited to a younger demographic while Instagram is ideal for building an aspirational visual brand story.

And the last and the most important aspect to consider is:

9) Number of social media channels to be managed for the business’ success
You should ask yourself as to how many channels can you manage? To give you a glimpse of the seriousness of this question one can part you with the knowledge that approx. 91% of retail brands use at least two or more social media channels.
But striking the perfect balance between two or more channels can be a tricky task. However, you can hire a professional agency to make it easier for you.

Alright then, now you are all set to choose the best Social Media Channels to support your dreams and your business’ objectives. Even though, if you are in doubt, don’t be troubled, just reach out to us and give us the chance to serve you better.

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