How Much Do I Need To Pay for Web Designing In Australia?

Web Designing In Australia

“How Much Do I Need To Pay for Web Designing In Australia?” If you were to type this or something similar on Google you are likely to come across answers on Q&A sites such as Quora. These answers and suggestions can put web development costs between $500 and $15,000. You aren’t likely to get a definitive answer for your question. …

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How to Provide Feedback to Customer Support Without Burning Bridges

Customer Support Without Burning Bridges

Customer support is the backbone of every organization. It is the only functional area in the company that is in regular touch with customers, besides sales. While the sales people aim to woo these customers with their sales pitches, customer support executives need to retain them by solving their problems and gaining their trust. Without a solid customer support, the …

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Angular vs React vs Vue a Complete Comparison

Angular vs React vs Vue

If you are taking baby steps in the world of programming you may have already assessed that JavaScript is one of the most important languages to learn. In fact, none other than global technology giant IBM in 2017 said that JavaScript is the first among languages to learn for a developer. This fact has been established by numerous other surveys …

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15 SEO Marketing Stats for 2018 and What They Mean For You

SEO Marketing Stats

Is your SEO campaign not delivering intended results? Do you wonder why your competitor’s website ranks top on the Search Engine Results Pages? You may find your answer in stats that give you a sense of the latest trends in the market and also what you must focus on to stay ahead of the competition. Here we have compiled 15 …

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50 Best App Ideas for Startups

startup app ideas

It sounds really exciting to work on your app startup. Smartphone user base is growing by the millions every month and app developers around the world are working hard to turn the smartphone smarter! But given that there are millions of apps already in the app stores, you can’t just create another app and expect to see hundreds of thousands …

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PHP vs Python vs Ruby – And the Winner Is…

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

If you are about to choose a programming language for your project the options often boil down to PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails. While there are lots of articles and blogs floating on the Internet talking about PHP vs Python or PHP vs Ruby. But, there are few that have comprehensively compared these (PHP vs Python vs Ruby) three …

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5 Things You Must Let Know WordPress CMS Developer to Ensure Project Success

WordPress CMS developer in Melbourne

Today your website is often seen as the best reflection of your business. Your customers expect three important things from your website – information, ease of communication and comprehensive customer support. Quite naturally a website that is designed and developed in haste isn’t likely to serve this purpose. What you need is a custom designed website that addresses the minutest …

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12 Extensive WordPress Plugins That Every Business Website Needs

WordPress is one of the best website development platforms. Being open source, this Content Management System powers one in four websites that are live and has a sizable 60% of the market share among Content Management Systems. It is preferred by most web developers thanks to its simplicity, ease of control, easy deployment, regular updates, SEO friendliness and extensive plugin …

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The Biggest Reason to Raise Your Prices

Raise Your Prices

Doing E-commerce SEO for clients where people want and expect consistent communication – I’ve realized that there’s one very important reason to raise your prices. SERVICE! You can offer so much better service if you aren’t worried about a couple bucks along the way.

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