5 Reasons Every Business Should Have A Professional Website

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5-Reasons-Every-Business-Should-Have-A-Professional-WebsiteWebsites have pretty much become a standard for any company, regardless of the industry it serves or the target market. However, a lot of entrepreneurs still don’t see the need for owning one.

Here, we’ll break things down as much as humanly possible and provide reasons why your business should have a website.

To be honest this right here is reason enough for you to go on and invest in a website. At the end of the day, you’ll find that people do expect it.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Would you really trust a business when you can’t even find its website?

Definitely not. It goes the same way around.

1) It gets you some social proof

These days, a lot of people check out online reviews before they make decisions as regards whether to purchase a good or service or not. While there are many review platforms these days, you can use a website with customer testimonials to take care of all the troubles and impress your customers immediately.

2) You get to control the narrative

While you can’t always control what people say about you online, you can pretty much use a business website to influence the public perception of you as well. With a company blog, you can get your message out there and interact with people, thus improving your reach over them and shaping what they think about you

3) Getting a website is also pretty stress free

When you use a professional website building service, you will find that getting your site up and running will only take days. Companies that specialize in this have been able to improve their service offering so much that this is quite literally a breeze. Thanks to website builders, you can get to reach thousands of potential clients without necessarily having to send so much money.

4)You’re always open for business

You never know when someone might need a product or service that you offer. So, when you have a business website, you can pretty much render your services or make sales at any point in time. Regardless of the industry you serve or the people whose needs you’re looking to meet, there is a huge chance that your competitors now have websites as well. You can’t surely be left behind, can you?

5) Improve your visibility

While asking friends is still popular, a lot of people just go on search results whenever they want to make a purchase of some sorts. When you get a website ad perform some proper optimization, you can increase your chances of getting seen on search engines and making sales.

The process starts with a website, though.

Just show what you’ve got

Of course, there is always the need to showcase the goods and services that you have with you. This is what a website will do for you.

How Much Do I Need To Pay for Web Development?

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HOW MUCH DO I NEED TO PAY“How Much Do I Need To Pay for Web Development?” If you were to type this or something similar on Google you are likely to come across answers on Q& A sites such as Quora. These answers and suggestions can put web development costs between $500 and $15,000. You aren’t likely to get a definitive answer to your question.

The problem being there isn’t a benchmark that can be applied to quote definitive web design prices.

It is similar to asking about the price of a car. It can start from $12,000+ and go all the way up to a million plus dollars!

So is there some kind of formula that can be used to get a rational picture on website development costs? There is and to state the fact web design cost depends on the number of factors – the type of website, number of pages, digital marketing strategies, eCommerce integration, and the list goes on. Add to this the number of things that you can bring to the table – content, images, domain name, hosting space etc. and what you finally pay your web development partner shall vary depending on all these factors. Let us discuss four factors that come to your aid when you wish to know website design pricing.

# Define Your Needs

The better you define your needs, it is more likely you are going to going to get near accurate website development pricing.

How would you want the website to appear?

How should it function?

What are your future plans?

‘Defining needs’ can sound a lot easier than it actually is and if you get in touch with a professional agency they would always stress on knowing what you are looking for. Here are some of the questions you must have answers to –

  • Do you need a simple run-of-the-mill website or do you want advanced functionality?
    It goes without saying that the more complex your website gets higher are website development costs. It isn’t to suggest that a run-of-the-mill isn’t going to offer you the benefits you are looking for. If such a site suffices your needs, you must opt for such a site without any hesitation.
  • Do you need a custom design or happy using a template used by dozens of others?
    This is perhaps the biggest contributing factor towards the cost of a website. If you need one to be custom designed for your business be prepared to loosen your purse. The benefit offers over a readily available template is countless. Even with templates, you can either choose between free and premium ones.
  • What are your design needs?
    If the designer has to come up with a new logo or graphics for your website you will have to pay for those efforts. The same goes for copyrighted photographs as well. If you need such things designed from scratch web design prices obviously go up.
  • Are you looking for e-commerce functionality?
    Today most businesses love selling from their website and hence e-commerce functionality is becoming commonplace. If you are looking to get this functionality on your website you will need to pay more and before that find an agency that has experience with eCommerce development. 
  • Any other functionality requirement?
    You also need to clearly talk about other functionality you are looking for in your website such as a photo-gallery, video streaming feature, animations.
  • Will you provide the content or want it written?
    Professional copywriters quote high for writing your website copy. But they can hook your target customers with their captivating style of writing. If you can do that by yourself you can save quite a bit on your final bill.

The success of your project would solely rest on how well you define your needs to your service provider. If you err while doing this you may end up with a website that doesn’t fulfill your needs or look too primitive to help you stand ahead of the competition. Defining needs don’t only help you get a clear idea of website development costs but also lets you choose the right team for your project.

# DIY versus Freelancer versus Agency

It is often said ‘you get what you pay for’ and if are looking to get a professionally designed website under $1,000, you aren’t likely to find one. A seasoned developer or an agency won’t offer you a website with dozen odd pages and tons of functionality at that price. You will have to cut corners and settle for something well below your expectations in such a budget. If you don’t have a dig deep in your pocket, you may either need to adopt a DIY approach or work with a developer. Here are some things you must know about each of these options.

  • DIY – There are several website builder tools that let you create your website within a small budget. They aren’t free as many people assume and you will have to pay as you go. These website builders let you drag and drop different elements in your design without having to know anything about coding. Sounds good, right? But bear in mind they offer you the same taste as instant noodles! Websites made using these website builders almost look the same and you don’t have much choice with functionality.
  • Freelancer– Working with a freelancer may sound great and promise to bring down web design prices. In fact, freelancers have created a niche market for themselves and work with several SMBs who look for quality websites at lower costs than what is charged by the top agencies. But there is always the risk that you may end up hiring the wrong person and he/she may just go off the radar when you need them for support or update. So measure your steps carefully when hiring a freelancer as trying to save a few dollars can cost you more in the long run.
  • Agency–Without a doubt, they are on the top of the table when pricing is concerned. But you get many benefits when working with an agency. They have specialist designers, coders, and marketers. Good agencies specialize in multiple technologies and they also offer you great services post development. But even when you choose an agency you should be careful enough to make the right choices as there are thousands of them in Australia and not all are built alike.

# Digital Marketing

Does that agency or freelancer you decided to choose also offer digital marketing services. You may get bemused as of why we are talking about this when this piece solely concerns web development cost. We live in a time when web development can no longer be separated from digital marketing. A good website is no longer enough if it isn’t discoverable on the search engines and social media platforms.  And you can’t get a true sense of web development cost if you don’t factor in digital marketing. Websites built using site builders aren’t always the best when it comes to digital marketing. Similarly, freelancer you hire for web development may not have any experience in digital marketing and you may be forced to hire someone else for the project.

To wrap up, web development costs are a function of several factors and if you are accurate in defining your needs. A professional web development agency can offer you many benefits even though it may charge you a little more upfront.

How to Provide Feedback to Customer Support Without Burning Bridges

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Customer support is the backbone of every organization. It is the only functional area in the company that is in regular touch with customers, besides sales. While the salespeople aim to woo these customers with their sales pitches, customer support executives need to retain them by solving their problems and gaining their trust.

Without solid customer support, the chances of retaining long-term loyal customers are next to zero. But what if your customer support executives are lacking in their performance? What if they are not able to resolve service tickets and help your customers?

Importance Of Giving Feedback To Customer Support

Bad customer service can leave your customers agitated, thereby hurting your brand reputation and revenues in the long run. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that all members of your support team are performing great both individually and as a team.

This can be achieved by regular performance monitoring and providing consistent feedback to customer support.

Though, it is easier said than done because chances are that your feedback might have a negative impact on the performance of your support team. It is vital that you learn the methods of providing constructive criticism to your employees so that they are motivated to improve.

Let’s discuss some of the ways in which you can provide feedback to customer support without burning bridges:


How To Provide Constructive Feedback To Customer Service Staff?

Choose The Right Medium For Communication

This is one of the most basic yet critical factors to consider before jumping on with your feedback. You need to identify the right channel for communicating your ideas to the person that needs to improve.

In most cases, it is recommended to have a face-to-face meeting with that employee. Personal communication provides a touch of humaneness which cushions any potential bitter points of the feedback. Besides, you can observe the reactions of your employees and gauge how they are taking your feedback.

Emails are also good for feedback, but you need to be wary of the language that you use, as your right intention might not be conveyed otherwise. Phone calls are great when it is not possible to meet, but avoid text messages at all costs.

Keep It Professional

While interacting with your employees, you need to speak on behalf of the organization. It is imperative that you don’t make any personal comments as that might sour your relations with your team.

It is also a good practice to provide feedback on the situation and not on the person themselves. For example, suppose a live chat support executive is not using the templates that you have provided them as per your live chat software guidelines and that is affecting the quality of customer service.

You can provide feedback in two different ways:

  1. “John, you are not following the guidelines that I have provided. You lost 3 customers because of that. Please start using the templates.”
  2. “John, here is a chat that you had with a customer. Instead of replying this over here, do you think it would have been better if you used this template as per the guidelines that are present in the customer service manual?”

Be As Specific As You Can

The worst feedback that anyone can provide is one that doesn’t address the problem directly. You can avoid vague and generic statements by becoming more data-oriented and objective in your approach wherever possible.

For instance, let’s say you have noticed that one of your executives is late in helping customers through live chat software which is affecting customer service levels. One way of providing feedback might be, “Joan, you are responding late to customers. Make sure you improve your response time”. It is vague and Joan might not be able to understand how grave the situation is.

It would be better if you show her data from your live chat software dashboard that clearly shows that her chat response time is 8% lesser than other executives.

Be Supportive And Open For Help

Providing timely feedback is imperative, but the real difference comes in when you also suggest methods to improve and offer help for the same. You need to make sure that the intent of your feedback is not to tighten a leash on your employees, but it is to create a constructive environment of learning as a team.

It is a great practice to listen to their side of the story and try to understand their perspective too. No one can take your feedback negatively if you lend your ear and offer support to facilitate improvements.

Besides, listening to multiple perspectives empowers you to further improve your guidelines and make them more employee-friendly and customer-friendly.

Constructive Criticism

Use The Sandwich Method Of Constructive Criticism

The sandwich method is the cornerstone of any constructive feedback. As the name suggests, you need to put in the criticism or feedback between layers of praise or positive statements.

Start by telling them about the good things that they did, then suggest them the improvements that they should pursue to get even better, and then wrap up with a summary on a positive note.

Except for truly disastrous cases, you can always find something or the other that a particular team member is doing. You need to praise their efforts where they deserve.

Here’s an example:

“Joan, I liked how you maintained a professional tone throughout the chat with this customer even when they became slightly rude and were able to solve their problem. If you work a bit more on the structuring of your sentences, you would be able to resolve such problems even faster. You could use more templates in your chat. If you need any help, I can demonstrate their use to you.”


Customer service support is the interface between you and your customers. It is vital that you provide constructive feedback to your support team to nourish them and excel at what they do. What are some of the tips that you use within your team?

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