50 Best App Ideas for Startups

50 best app ideas for startup 

It sounds really exciting to work on your app startup. Smartphone user base is growing by the millions every month and app developers around the world are working hard to turn the smartphone smarter! But given that there are millions of apps already in the app stores, you can’t just create another app and expect to see hundreds of thousands of downloads. To achieve the success you have to explore mobile app ideas not tried before or think about cool app ideas for a niche market where there is enough headroom for growth. Let us share 50 best app ideas that would surely be in focus in the near future.

#1. Local City Tour App

We have seen thousands of navigation apps that guide users on the shortest routes between two places in a city. But an app that guides through the city’s heritage, places of interest and best restaurants would really be popular.

Local City Tour App

[Source: oasiscollections.com]

#2. Budget Travel App

We have seen thousands of navigation apps that guide users on the shortest routes between two places in a city. But an app that guides through the city’s heritage, places of interest and best restaurants would really be popular.

budget travel app

#3. I Was There App

This app allows users within the community to know who among their friends have visited a place in the past. They can get in touch with that person to know more about the place and the amenities available.

I was there app

#4. Dating to Matrimony App

There are hundreds of dating apps and dozens that cater to the needs of matrimonial alliance seekers. But this app would bridge the gap between the two by letting people who are interested in marriage date before turning their relationship into a matrimonial alliance.Dating app

#5. One Touch Receipt

Why bring down trees for paper receipts which most of us loose anyway. A one-touch receipt app can easily deliver a virtual receipt to the customer via email or text message. There is no question of misplacing this receipt anyways.

one touch receipt

#6. Beer Bar App

The name of this app is self-explanatory and there are no doubts that it is a cool app idea. It will help users find the nearest beer bars whenever they are driving around. This app would be useful for travellers when they visit a new place.

beer bar app

#7. Restaurant Menu App

This has been tried in small ways but an app that offers users information on the menu at different restaurants would surely find its cult followers. People can use this app as a guide to selecting a restaurant depending on their taste buds and what they would like to ear out.Restaurant Menu App

#8. Looking Back App

Facebook does with ‘On This Day’ feature but that’s for all that you post. A looking back app will scan through a user’s phone and show images clicked on the same date in the past years. It would be a great bit of nostalgia for the users.

looking back app

#9. Giveaway Trash App

There are dozens of articles lying at everybody’s home that they don’t need. Giving these away to someone would help them clear the clutter and also help someone. This app lets users list what they would like to give away and find someone who is willing to take it.

giveaway trash app

#10. Health Chat App

This app would connect people who are suffering from the same medical issues to share their experiences and thoughts that would help others. This app is also a perfect place to discuss things that one cannot discuss with friends and family.Health Chat App

#11. Interview Prep App

Facing interviews is never easy and a mobile app can go a long way in the preparations. Users have to enter their skills and the job profile they are applying for and the most likely interview questions for those roles would immediately be displayed.

interview prep app

#12. Junk Photo Cleaner App

People take dozens of images with their smartphones to shoot that one ‘masterpiece’. This app would scan for all similar images in the phones memory and suggest the ones that can be deleted to reclaim digital real estate.

junk photo cleaner app

#13. Coffee Hunter App

This app will help lovers of coffee find the best cafes in a city and also taste the finest of coffee that is on offer. New suggestions would come up every week as the users can explore different types of coffee available around them.Coffee Hunter App

#14. App Rating App

A successful app needs review and ratings and this app would invite users to review and rate apps based on their interests. The reviewers would be rewarded with coupons, e-vouchers and gifts after they have successfully completed a review.

app rating app

#15. Extreme Weather Alert App

While there is no dearth of weather apps, the extreme weather alert app would alert travellers on likely hurricanes, cyclones and heavy rains in an area. This will keep people from harm’s way during such weather cycles.

extreme weather alert app

#16. Find a Band Mate App

This app will allow upcoming musicians to find a bandmate to join their band. This would be extremely useful when a member of the band calls sick or isn’t able to play for an upcoming event.

find a band mate app

#17. Get Back Home

Users who drink like a fish and often find it tough to talk to a cabbie, it is for them. The app would have a pre-recorded message for the driver with the detailed address of the user and would solve one of the biggest problems in the world!

get back home

#18. Book Review App

Among the best Android app ideas this will allow users to read the review of a book by simply clicking its cover picture. The app would search book reviews from sites such as Good Reads and Amazon and also suggest the best deal on the book available online.

book review app

#19. Smart Alarm Clock App

There are hundreds of alarm clock apps but this one would ensure that the user doesn’t go back to sleep after waking up. This app would engage users in their favorite activities such as gaming or listening to music as soon as they wake up and not let the sleep again.Smart Alarm Clock

#20. Send Invites App

When a person suddenly decides to throw a party inviting large number of friends can be quite a challenge. This app will help compose users a nice message and deliver them to the recipients as a text message. The recipient need not have this app.

send invites app

#21. Follow My Celebrity App

People want to keep track of the latest news about their favorite celebrities and this app does it. Users need to set a celebrity and all the latest news stories featuring them from across different sources would be presented in a single window.

follow my celebrity app

#22. Tool Share App

Why buy a drill machine or a sander when a friend or colleague may have one sitting ideal at home. This app will help users post their needs for a tool within their social network and borrow the same from a friend who doesn’t mind sharing it.

tool share app

#23. Find A Tutor App

Finding tutors for academics, music or other vocations is always a challenge. An app that helps students find tutors within a certain geographic distance and also know their ratings will always be useful.

find a tutor app

#24. Find Help App

When users are in need of plumbers, electrical contractors or a handyman they often turn to the Internet and get lost between different listing sites. This app would solve this problem and offer contact information of such processionals which makes hiring them easy.

find help app

#25. Midnight Food App

When shutters are down in most restaurants, nocturnal people have limited eating options. This app would help such users find food at midnight or in wee hours of the morning when most other food apps are of little use.

midnight food app

#26. History on the Go App

This app is meant to inform users about the history of the streets they are walking on, the famous people who lived here in the past and the events that took place long ago. The app would track the user using GPS and generate fresh information every time users walk into a new road or street.

history on the go app

#27. My Fitness Goal App

Most fitness goal apps offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ suggestions when it comes to setting fitness goals. This app would let users set their own fitness goals even if that may sound crazy to a trainer. One example – fitness regime to lose 2lbs in the next one month!

My Fitness Goal App

[Source: Stayapt.com]

#28. Music For Mood App

This app would auto-select and play music depending on the mood of the listener. All that the user needs to do is share his/her mood with the app and preferences of singers/artists (if any) and the app would play music for the user’s mood.

music for mood app

#29. Renovations App

This app would help people find resources to guide them through minor repair and renovations at home such as fixing a leaking faucet or installing new lights. This app will allow users to find all the information they need within the app and not have to browse through dozens of websites.

renovations app

#30. Book a Table App

How often have users wanted to book at the table their favorite restaurant? This app will help do so and reduce waiting time at some of the most popular restaurants.

book a table app

#31. Gift Reminder App

From birthdays to anniversaries you have to gift your loved ones throughout the year. This app would alert users about an upcoming occasion for which they need to buy a gift and also suggest gift options depending on budget and other factors.

gift reminder app

#32. Selfie Background App

A dull and boring background always serves as a spoiler for those precious selfies. This app would allow users to click selfie in front of white or light colored background and add interesting backgrounds to the image later.

selfie background app

#33. Recipe Finder App

Surely one of the best ideas for app, it will allow users to find recipes by entering the ingredients they have in their fridge. It will search for recipes from around the world and let the users try cooking dishes they had no idea about.Recipe Finder App

#34. Nearby Deals App

As the name suggests this app would offer information on the best deals at restaurant, malls, salons etc. to the user. The location can be pre-set or the same can be updated using GPS to help users find the best deals around them.

nearby deals app

#35. No Go App

There are apps that suggest users places that they should visit but an app that would suggest places one shouldn’t visit based on their preferences and physical abilities would be extremely special. People with mobility problems or ones who find it tough in certain climatic conditions would benefit from this app.

no go app

#36. Camera Sync App

If you are looking for best app ideas this is surely one. This app will allow a user to see the shot being captured by a friend or colleague on his/her camera. All that needs to be done is sync the images between the two smartphone cameras using Bluetooth.

camera sync app

#37. Public Toilet Finder App

There are occasions when you need to answer nature’s call in an unknown place. Asking around for public toilets isn’t always successful. This app would help users find the nearest public toilets and also guide you to the place using GPS signals.

public toilet finder app

#38. Detect Fake Products App

The market is full of fake products which often lure customers with jaw-dropping prices. This app would help users detect counterfeit products by suggesting them the right logos, holograms, and colors of a brand that are often missing in the counterfeit products.

seniors finder app

#39. Seniors’ Finder App

This app would help family members and friends of seniors track them if they are lost. While there is surely some privacy issue regarding this type of tracking the user who is being tracked would give consent for the app to track his/her location.

seniors finder app

#40. Local Events App

When people on a vacation they would like to explore local events in the cities they visit. An app that offers information on such events can be very useful for the travelers as they would be able to explore through trade fares, carnivals, and other festivals.

local events app

#41. Same Interest App

Whether a person collects stamps, coins or loves reading poetry they always like to connect with people who share the same interests. This app would help people with common interest connect with each other.

same interest app

#42. Suicide Prevention App

The number of suicides are increasing and if people with suicidal tendencies find help lot of these unfortunate events can be prevented. An app that offers motivational videos, articles and also information on local counselors they can visit is expected to see a lot of downloads.

suicide prevention app

#43. Goods Exchange App

This app would allow people within a geographic area exchange goods such as toys, electronic gadgets, books etc. The app would let people connect with others who share similar taste and exchange things they don’t need for something they would like to buy.

goods exchange app

#44. Social Selling App

With people having hundreds of friends across social networks this app would allow them to list the stuff they would like to sell and show it to the community. Users would buy used goods from people they know and they can trust.Social Selling App

#45. Find Pet App

With the help of this app users can track their dogs or even cats and this would be useful in case user is unable to track his/her pet. A GPS tracker that is attached to the pet would constantly send signals on their location and this can be used to find them easily.

find pet app

#46. Voice Translation App

This app would create a database of popular languages and shall record and translate what is being said in real-time. It will come as a huge advantage to users who are travelling to different corners of the world and don’t speak the local language.

voice translation app

#47. Courier Finder App

The idea of this app is to help users find the cheapest courier service provider based on their needs. Users need to enter the items they would ship and also the destination and the app would offer information on the tariffs charged by all courier companies in the area.

courier finder app

#48. Car Parking App

Finding a place to park your vehicle in a busy place is always a herculean task. Thankfully an app can solve this problem. The app will scan for the nearest parking lot and guide users through GPS.

car parking app

#49. Life Hacks App

There are millions of life hack resources out there on the Internet and an app that offers all these information promises immense opportunities for the developer. The app will sources information from top life hack websites and serves it in a single screen to the users.

life hacks app

#50. Hair Coloring App

Most people are hesitant to try new hair color wondering how they would appear in them. This app can help them make the right choice using a selfie image and letting them try different color shades and choosing one they think to be the best.Hair Coloring App


These are some of the new and best app ideas that you should be working on if you want to make it big as an app startup. If you have an idea that sounds crazy and hasn’t be tried before, it may be your ticket to success. Remember you will have to create a distinctive space for yourself in the overcrowded market and hence need to work on good app ideas that haven’t been tried before.

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